Saturday, May 23, 2009

Crap And...Stuff

`ello lovely bloggers.
as you can see,I'm soooooo not in a good mood today.
It's because of stress from midterm exams,friend(or foe) problems,frenemy-to-be problems and more.
Anyhoo,I'm not gonna keep on writing about...negative things:)
I forgot what I was gonna write in today.
Oh yeah,now I remember:)
Does anybody(aliens,animals accepted)know the infamous song..PEANUT BUTTER JELLY TIME?
cuz,I lurve that songg:)
If you do um,rock(?)
gotta go.


Wednesday, April 8, 2009

`ello lovely bloggers!
Today,I went to Shibz.
If you're wondering "What in the world is that?"...
Let me translate.
Shibz is the abbreviation for Shibuya;)
Now,that's a new vocabulary:)
So...anyhoo,things are finally looking up,ya'll.
I won't name names BUT,because of them,I feel absolutely...delighted?!(Okay,I never,ever say that word...)
So,anyways,not big news,I know.
But,I just couldn't keep it to my abnormally-tiny-self!hehe


Tuesday, April 7, 2009

`ello lovely bloggers!
As you know..I am very bored....
SOOO,I decided to make a so-calles scenenery or sth...I know so random.
I dunno why I made it,but I just did.
It is very very very crappy,I know.

`ello lovely bloggers!
Lena here(again)...'re probably mad at me for making you believe that you'll have magical powers.
I apologize...not.
Ahaha~im sorry:)
Anyhoo...I never really introduced myself.
I'm Lena-Grace..a 14 year old teen livin' in Tokyo.
I love singing!
(Singing oppurtunities are appreciated...;D)
I think you already noticed that I am remarkably bored and random.
I know,it's a talent to be this bored:)
So..keep on dreamin'
Ya'll will never have that kind of talent..Jokejoke:)
Well..I havta go get ready for school:p
SO....that's it for now:)



`ello lovely bloggers:)
Well...another day another..boring,um...forget it!
Anyhoo,School starts tomorrow.
I's not big news.
Like,the world doesn't have to know,ya?
You know you're jealous though.
So keep on staring at the page and you will get super magical powers.
Got it now?
NO? strange.Have patience my friends and you will..eventually.
..wait a little bit longer and...
(NOT!)..*cough* *cough*
Hehe,you just spent your precious time believing that you will get powers after reading this.
Well,guess what?!
You failed.
End of story


Sunday, March 29, 2009

A new day A new blog

`ello lovely bloggers!
Lena is here
Since my e-mail was apparently HACKED!I wasn't able to log-in for awhile.
Oh least I can NOW!hehe
I wanted to let cha know that the fantastical miss Leona Lewis is going to launch a VEGAN FASHION LINE!!AND TOPSHOP.I am too happy for words,yo!

That's it for now:)